Friday, April 18, 2008


TGIF! Honestly, the biggest reason I'm excited it's Friday is that I get a day off from boot camp. It's been a good, tough week and I'm still really glad I'm doing it, but wow, getting through these next three weeks is going to be a process.

On Wednesday night it was snowing here - big, wet spring snow flakes, so I thought for sure we'd be inside. Well unfortunately we had an instructor with something to prove, and he decided to take us outside the whole entire time. It was basically a running night, with some pushups and rolling down snow covered hills thrown in for good measure. Basically everyone was pissed. My friend M. was pissed because she's one of the best runners in the class, and she felt like she could have done a run inside on the treadmill and gotten a better workout than he gave us. He just seemed so unorganized, and basically like he was just trying to get us wet and dirty. The slower people in the group were pissed because we never got to rest, once we'd finally catch up with the fast runners, they were off again. And I was pissed because it's just dangerous to take people out to run around in the the slippery snow, even if it is in a park, when we could have been inside doing a better workout with more weights, etc.

We had girl's dinner afterward and the four of us who are doing the boot camp all bitched and complained, and M. even talked to the owner about it, so at least he knows. We made up for it last night though, we got my favorite instructor, the only woman. She'll give you a kick-ass workout, but she's still nice. And encouraging. Which is extremely helpful when you're sweating your ass off and trying to get that one last chest press or hop up completed. I love her and wish we could have her every night. She did a double Ironman last year. Double. Do you know how crazy that is? I can't even begin to comprehend.

Today I'm resting my sore body, but tomorrow I plan to go on a run with the boy and/or hit the gym for a spinning class. I'm want to try to do a minimum of five workouts a week, so Saturday seems like a good day for my last one this week.

I'm definitely seeing my weight go down, but it's frustrating how slow it is. It sucks that you can put it on so fast, but it takes so long for it to go down. After lots of days of great eating (and eating what seems like very little food, even though I'm getting around 1400-1500 calories a day) I just want to be magically thin and trim. But alas, it does not work like that. I just need to get through this weekend without totally screwing up again and I'll feel like I'm on my way.

Weekend plans: Tonight, drinks with a former colleague and some friends. Tomorrow I plan to work out, get some yard work done, then I'm attending a shower for a good friend whose wedding I'm in coming up in June. After that, we're heading to the Av's game to watch them kick the Wild's arse! Woo hoo! I love playoff hockey, it's so fun! Sunday should be low key, no plans at this point.

Let's see if I can stay on the wagon and avoid pizza tonight, cake at the shower, and nachos at the game. It's a dieter's worst nightmare, but I think I can do it! Wish me luck....

P.S. Erinn - email me and I'll give you all the info on the boot camp. :) You can get me at myfutureme at g mail dot com

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