Friday, July 08, 2005

Inaugural Post

If I put myself out there for all of the world to see, okay not all the world but still lots and lots of people, will it help motivate me anymore? I doubt it. I've gone down the road where I announce my weight loss goals to those around me in hopes that fear of recognizable failure will push me further, but it hasn't. I've also done the dieting in secret, telling people "No, I just don't feel like having any ice cream tonight." Yeah right. I love ice cream. Love it. Not as much as my dog but I'm telling you I love this stuff. I guess it's part of the reason why I'm overweight to begin with. So I'm putting myself out there for you guys, but mostly just for me, as the weight loss blogs I read every day are part of what motivates me to keep trying.

Anyway, moving on. Last year I lost 30 lbs using WW flex. I started in January, stopped actually losing in about October, and started gaining around the holidays. Things happened, I lost my focus, and my drive. Typical of any yo yo dieter I'm sure. So now I'm back up to 187 and I want to get back down to where I was and ultimately hit my goal weight of 140. But more than that, I want to stop focusing on the dieting so much. Yes I'll still count points (no meetings, just online). Yes I'll still watch the scale. But now I'm back in Colorado and I have a bike. And it's summer and I have been getting outside every day. I'm working out, taking care of my body, but I'm becoming someone else too. Is it possible that I could become outdoorsy? I hope so. That's what I want.

I'll write here about my day to day successes and struggles, the food I eat, the workouts I do, my dog, my boyfriend, my family, my thoughts on life, and probably everything else too. Woo hoo, here I go, for my inaugural post. OMG I can't believe I'm doing this.

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