Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What is that Feeling?

I'm feeling good. It's great when all systems are go and it feels like you're just sailing along. I know this feeling won't last though. But when it goes away, when I'm feeling down and bloated and like I'm always going to be fat no matter what so why even bother, I need to remember this feeling. And I need to remember that it's exercise that gives me this feeling.

We rode 14.74 miles today, in 1 hour and four minutes. I averaged 14.3 mph, which I think is pretty good considering my beginner status. Being on the bike just makes me feel so good. It just makes me feel outdoorsy, which is one of my goals. Nicole over at Anonymous Fat Woman posted today about an amazing run she had where she ran into a deer, and it just kept her going. It's that kind of feeling I love, that I want to preserve forever.

So I'm still doing very well with working out, and eating is going well too. I was going to weigh-in tomorrow since I'll be out of town on Friday, but I decided I'm just going to skip weigh in this week instead of short changing myself by two days. You know I'll weigh myself as soon as I get home on Sunday night, but I won't post anything official here until next Friday, August 5. OMG I can't believe it's going to be August.

So tomorrow I'll post my goals for my road trip. I'll do an elliptical workout in the morning and eat well all day, and we'll leave around 5:30. From then on, I'm sure it will be a struggle. If you've ever been to west Texas and you've been to Taco Villa, you'll know what I'm facing. But I will have goals, and I will achieve them. I feel good. More tomorrow...

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