Sunday, July 24, 2005

Weekend Wrap Up

Good weekend overall, but maybe not so much eating wise. I drank too much on Friday, which led to overeating Friday night and pretty much all day Saturday. Such is life. I have no control over my eating habits after I've been drinking. In fact, I often rationalize eating after a night of drinking because I think it will absorb the alcohol or something. I don't want to completely eliminate alcohol because its part of my social life and I enjoy a night on the town, but I'm going to work on sticking to having no more than 4 drinks in one night. I should be able to do that without a problem.

So after taking Saturday off from working out, we decided to do a ride tonight. We were hoping to do a little over the 10 miles we did on Friday, but the sky was looking a little dark so we weren't sure. Well, we hit about 5.2 miles and started seeing dark skies and lightning in the distance, so we decided to head back. It started raining at about mile 6, and was pouring and crazy lightning by 7.5. I was freaking out, envisioning getting fried by lightning and never seeing my family again, so we pulled over at a gazebo at 4 Mile Park and sat it out for a bit. When the lighting had moved on we decided to head back. It was still pouring, which slowed us down and soaked us in the end, but it was a good ride besides that. We did 10.5 miles or so in about 50 minutes (minus waiting time) and I burned around 840 calories. Then of course I came home and had spaghetti and Dreyer's Grand Light. Oh well, I'm eating those activity points I guess.

Monday - Thursday are usually my hardcore days, which they will be again this week except for the fact that I'm driving to Texas to see my dad and grandparents starting Wednesday night, and eating on the road is always tough. I'm going to do my best to keep it under or at points these next days, but I know I need to work on my weekend eating as well. I can't just eat shit all weekend and then expect a loss because I was on plan for four day. Four out of seven days is barely even 50%. And if I want to lose this weight I've got to give it 100%.

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