Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cooking for Six

I'm here, down 3 lbs, and I'm doing well this week too. Monday night was cooking class, and that was exceptionally difficult, but I made it through without consuming too many calories. I did take part in the apple tart, but it was small and I don't think it threw me off. It was the first time I'd ingested any direct sugar in a while, and I did get a headache and went straight to bed when we went home. Funny how sugar can do that to you. I had sugar cravings both yesterday and today, but I've managed to avoid them.

Tonight I'm hosting girl's night at my house, which terrifies me because I'm such a horrid cook. I'm making a spinach salad with Craisins (dried cranberries), pecans, and a yummy dressing made with oil, lemon juice, and a little Tobasco. I know it sounds weird, but my mom says it's delicious and I believe her. To the salad I'm adding fancy grilled cheese on cibatta with pesto, mozzarella, and spinach. I know this isn't the healthiest meal, but the cheese and lowfat and I'm using healthy fats elsewhere, so I feel okay about it. I'm not serving dessert, which I think the girl's may be disappointed about, but it's what I need to do for me and they can handle one girl's night without dessert.

Okay, better go get cooking. Wish me luck; I'm telling you I need it, even for salad and grilled cheese.

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