Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Night

So this is Friday night. The first Friday night of my new fresh start. The day has gone well so far, but this is the part I dread. We're going out with friends to drink beers and eat at the Cherry Cricket, which, as you can see by their menu, is not a healthy option. So even though I had an organic cheese enchilada with corn and black beans for lunch, and I don't like to eat two frozen meals in one day, I decided to eat an Amy's frozen vegetable burrito before we go. It's probably a lot of sodium, but it will keep me from eating fried macaroni and cheese in an hour or so. Seriously, they have fried macaroni and cheese. And I don't mind telling you it is delicious.

Anyway, I'll probably have a glass of wine or two, but I've had my dinner and I won't be eating anything. It was a very early dinner, so I'll probably be hungry later, but I'll come home and have a bowl of cereal or something. I am determined not to eat a bunch of fried crap and ruin the good progress I've made over the past couple of days. I mean I've eaten salad for breakfast for five days in a row. Who does that? Seriously? Can you guys tell I'm serious tonight? :)

I'm going to the gym tomorrow and if its nice out I may even ride my bike there. I've got a brunch with a friend that's in town and then a dinner with another friend tomorrow, so that'll probably be my day to treat myself. I'm not going to go crazy, not even close, and I'm not going to have any sugar, but I may have a few more calories than I have during the week. I need to make sure this can fit in with my life if I'm going to succeed. Have a good weekend all, I'll be back tomorrow or Sunday!

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