Sunday, January 08, 2006


So tomorrow's the big weigh in for week number 1. And what did I do tonight? Eat an effing bag of potato chips. Just a small one that you get at the deli. But still. What is my problem? Do I want to ruin my good progress? Do I want to be bloated for my weigh in? I have no idea. All I know is that I kicked ass this week, even all day yesterday, and now I go and try to ruin it with a stupid bag of potato chips. I've stayed within calories all week, and I've eaten a ton of vegetables, and I've burned a ton of calories, but I'm still paranoid that one bag of chips can ruin an entire good week of eating.

I've always been sort of all or nothing, so it scares me when I veer off path a little. I know I'm not going to, but I'm still scared. Hopefully the weigh in will be good tomorrow and I'll be happy, but geez I'm still scared. This whole process is just messing with my mind.

Also, we have cooking class tomorrow, which includes making a molten chocolate cake. I've been doing great on the no sugar thing, but I think I'm going to make a small exception for this. Anyway, I'm kind of crazy right now - I'll report back tomorrow on the weigh in. Until then!


Dee said...

Good luck with WI Jeni! I'm sure you'll do great, but oh how can I relate to this post... it's crazy how we can be on the best of behaviour and right before "judgement" we run to the worst thing possible.

I'm a chronic self-sabotager. But like you said you've kicked ass this week, and should be very proud of yourself!! I'm such a all or nothing gal too and it's such a hard way to be I know how every little thing can pump you up or pull you down.

Just focus on how great you did this week, 1 slip up couldn't undo all that.

Gretchen said...

Hey! I just started reading your site today. I COMPLETELY understand about the eating chips thing. But you would have eaten the chips before and not though twice (or at least I would.) Now you are really thinking about eating and exercizing and doing the right thing. That is a HUGE accomplishment. Look at all the good you did this week and let that bag of chips turn into a motivator for next week.

Good luck!!