Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pizza on a Pedestal

I can't remember if I've ever mentioned this here or not, but pizza is my favorite food. Thick, buttery pan crust with gooey cheese and lots of tomato sauce and veggies. Yes, I actually like veggies on my pizza, but alas, that does not make pizza healthy. And for the record, let me just say that I am NOT one of those people who can just have a salad and one slice. Maybe someday soon, but I'm not ready for that quite yet. I do say BRAVO to those of you that can do that though! :)

So, last night we had company, and the boy wanted to order pizza. So, in typical whiney Jeni fashion, I proceed to throw a mini temper tantrum. It went something like this:

Me: I want pizza, but I can't haaaaave pizza. Hmph.
Boy: Well you could make your frozen South Beach Diet pizza (in loving supportive tone)
Me: No! I want real pizza, yummy gooey pizza like you get to have. It's not fair!
Boy: Well you could see if your sister wants to go to Whole Foods and get a healthy dinner there?
Me: No, I want pizza. Waaaaahhhhhh! This sucks!

And on. And on. And on.

Make no mistake about it people - I can turn into a two year old at will when I want something I can't have. Luckily the boy has figured out how to handle these situations fairly well, and soothed me into a bit of a better mood. My sister and I did go to Whole Food's, came home and ate a salad and luckily, weren't even present for the ordering of the pizza.

When the pizza actually came, it was BBQ chicken with bacon (ick) and I didn't even want any of it. (Although I did ask for one bite of crust, which I didn't get). Now if I had been present for the ordering of the pizza, I may have tried to sway the decision a little, so I'm glad I wasn't there.

So why do I put the pizza on a pedestal? It's not even that good most of the time. (Okay some of the time). I guess it's because pizza is comforting to me, its always been there for me, and sometimes I used to use pizza as a substitute for other things. Like relationships and self-love. But I don't need that anymore. Yes I'm sure I will always love that unhealthy pizza. But it's not really what I need right now. So I can live without it.

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