Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 Review/2006 Plan

So today starts my re-invigorated fitness plan. My goal was to end 2005 under 190. This morning I weighed in for my official 2006 start weight: 195. Ouch. I should have expected it really. I am a statistic. I gained the typical 3-5 lbs over the holidays. It sucks and it hurts me to write that, especially considering the workouts I maintained. I've accepted it, I'm updating my stats on the right, and I'm ready to move on.

I had a great time at the New Year's Eve party I attended, and I spent yesterday with the boy eating a yummy breakfast and then popcorn at the movies. We even attempted cookies with his new hand mixer. They didn't turn out so well the first time, but I think its because we didn't chill the dough. He's going to try again today, but I won't be taking part in the taste test.

Looking back, 2005 was not a great year for me. My lowest weight of '05 was 183, and I ended the year with a 12 pound gain. I started this blog in July and I have gained since then, so clearly it's not holding me accountable as it should be. I'm working on changing that now though.

With all that said, and even though the scale is showing a gain, I do feel my fitness levels have improved. I took up cycling in 2005 and rode in an organized ride for 35 miles. I went to the moutains and rode 50 miles up there. I'm working on improving my running and I can now do a 5k in approximately 40 minutes. I know that isn't fast, but at least I'm doing it. I started with the trainer a few weeks ago and I can already tell my core strength and balance are improving. I am stronger and and have more endurance than I had in 2004.

In 2006, I want to continue to improve my fitness and still shoot toward my goal of completing a sprint distance triathlon, but more than that I want to focus on my weight, on this extra body fat I am carrying around. That will be my number 1 priority.

My goal weight still is, and always has been, 140 pounds. To lose that amount of weight is daunting and scary though, so for right now I'm going to stick to small goals. 185 by Valentine's Day. And 175 by April 1. Once I've lost those 20 lbs or so, we'll go from there. In order to kick start my weight loss, I am following the trainer's plan for me, which I outlined in my previous post. This includes a protein shake and salad for breakfast, working out with weights at least 3 times a week and adding cardio at least twice a week, and eliminating all sugar and sugar substitutes.

Now I know that over the next three months there will be times when I slip up and have some sugar. There may be a birthday. There may be a fancy dinner. There may be some chocolate in the kitchen at work. And I won't kill myself if I slip. But I am going to log my food every day in my planner, and I'll post here to keep myself accountable. I'll weigh in here every Friday. I'm excited about my plans and I'm feeling good about the year to come. No resolutions, just more lifestyle changes. Wish me luck!


alea said...

Good luck! You so deserve it to be successful. It might not always be a walk in the park, but we can do this! Here's to 2006!

alea said...

Oh, and by the way, how does it go with the salad for breakfast? It does sound a bit strange I have to admit, not sure if I could do this... Good luck with that too! :)