Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Slip Up

So today was the first day I've struggled since I recommitted. It's been hard. It sucks - Monday I was on top of the world, I lost 2 lbs this past week - then I had a great workout with the trainer last night. Everything was going well. Of course today I sort of got off track.

First I had lunch with my boss, who of course ordered chips and queso. I sort of felt obliged to eat them, but I sort of wanted them too. I didn't have too many, but I did eat some. Then tonight at girl's night there was wine and a brownie for dessert. Now I know none of this is terrible, but it still feels icky. I don't think people who eat brownies lose weight. And that's what I want to do.

So tomorrow it's back full swing - no sugar at all. Unfortunately I have to be at a client site all day tomorrow, and I'll probably have to eat whatever they serve for lunch. My plan is this - breakfast at home, then a small lunch of whatever is healthy, Luna bar for a snack, and straight to the gym after I get back to Denver from the client site. Dinner will be light, probably a couple of eggs or a high protein smoothie. I'm not going to let a tiny slip up ruin this for me. I will reach my goals.

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alea said...

Sorry I was so quiet lately... I've dropped by a few times but didn't leave a comment.

Hope you managed to pick yourself up again! Because you're right, we shouldn't let ourselves be stopped by a little slip up! Unfortunately that often happens with me though... When I slip I throw in the towel and think "I'll never get there anyway, so why should I even bother?" So silly!

So, I really hope that didn't happen with you and that you're back on the horse and doing great!