Saturday, January 14, 2006


Saturday and the Broncos are in the playoffs! Woohoo! But watching the big game tonight means beer and chips and oreos and all-around crap. But I have a plan. Today was free guest day today at the gym, so I brought my sister and we each did a hardcore workout. She hasn't been to the gym in over three months, but I am so proud of her for doing almost an hour of cardio. I did a treadmill warm-up and then my trainer workout from Thursday (remember the suicides?). I feel great and today it was actually a little easier than on Thursday. Progress!

So after the workout I came home and had my post-workout meal, a tortilla with honey and peanutbutter to get the protein and carbs back to my muscles and now I'm hanging out watching The Biggest Loser engaged couples, which I recorded from last week. After a little relaxing and a shower, my sister and I are off to Whole Foods to buy supplies for a healthy dinner so we can watch the game and still feel good about what we're consuming. I'm thinking salad, maybe fish, and some veggies. I can't wait.

By the way, the good news is; I'm still on track and feeling motivated, and we're two weeks into January.

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