Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Veggie Central Around Here

Hi all! Okay I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually really enjoying having the salad for breakfast. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm not enjoying it when I'm eating it. I'm pretty much forcing it down in the mornings, but it is getting easier. But I love the way it makes me feel during the day. I'm full all morning, and I feel great about the fact that I've already gotten at least three servings of veggies and it isn't even lunchtime yet! Salad for breakfast isn't so bad. It's nutritious!

Today I'm practically on veggie overload. I had a veggie sandwich with hummus for lunch, and then tomato soup for dinner. Yay! Of course you can see that I haven't had enough protein today. I'm going to work on that, but first I want to get the veggie thing down right.

Working out is going well, all in all I'm in kick-ass mode right now and feeling great. Of course I'm watching The Biggest Loser right now and I just want to cry. I see myself in these people, especially the young girls. It is so effing hard to be fat. It just sucks. I'm full of hope and optimism right now, but I know these feelings won't last forever. In a week, or a couple of weeks or a month or maybe even this weekend, I'll be feeling down my body, about not fitting into my jeans, and I'll think about just giving in. I'll think about how far I have to go, and how useless it all is, and how I'm just destined to be overweight and I should just accept my body for what it is.

But that stuff just isn't true. I do have a long way to go it's true, but I've already come a long way. And while body acceptance is important, I have serious goals for fitness, and I plan on meeting those goals. There might be days when I am full of fear and doubt and self-loathing, but I can remind myself of my goals, of the way I feel when I eat clean and exercise.

Okay I know I'm babbling and swooning but I just want to get that stuff out there.

On a side note, since I re-started on Monday, I think I'm going to change my weigh-in days to Mondays as well. Hopefully that will help keep me accountable over the weekends. Off to read your posts!


Dee said...

Hey Jeni,

I totally understand what you were talking about with feeling great and then having a little hiccup or just down and wanting to give it all in. I tend to be an all or nothing girl, and with something as volatile as weight loss it doesn't mix.

With many a rollercoaster rides.

The salad thing sounds like it really is working for you, I had a hard time fitting in more protein in my diet but once you get the hang of one thing, others start to fall into place - good luck with that!

Have a kick-arse workout! ;D

alea said...

Glad you veggie for breakfast thing is working for you! I would give it a try too, but I just can't imagine having salad so early in the morning... yuck...

Thanks for the encouraging comment you left in my blog the other day! I know exactly what you mean - I stopped letting people in on my plans for the same reasons. I just hate it when I fall off the wagon and know that people think "I knew it from the start... blah blah..." I don't need the negative energy.

So it's my little secret this time round... I haven't told anybody but DBF, my sister and a good friend that I'm doing WW. This way I really do this for myself, without having to worry what others might think.

Ok, enough said. Keep up the good work! I hope your kick-ass attitude rubs off on me... :)