Monday, January 16, 2006

Weigh-In Day

Down 2 to 190 today! That's 5 lbs in two weeks. Now I don't expect to see these results every week, but I'm still very happy with what I saw on the scale today. Don't you wish it was always this easy to stay on track and motivated? It feels so good to see the numbers go down; it just motivates me to keep going. I got a great workout in tonight and had a nice dinner, so all cylinders are running smoothly. Will someone remind me of this day in 3 months when I'm down and out?

Not much else to say because I'm off to read your blogs and watch The Golden Globes. All those beautiful, tiny women. Maybe more on that later, but for now I'm relaxing!

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Dee said...

What the ...

FIVE pounds in two weeks?? how awesome is that!! Congrats Hun ~ keep up the great work.