Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to the Grind

I officially have a job. I start next Monday. I'm excited about the company and the position. And I'm really excited to not have to worry about money all of the time anymore and have something to do with my days. I'll miss leisurely mornings of waking up at 9:30, working out whenever I want, and hanging out with the dogger all day. But at least I'll have something productive to do.

This brings me to a new set of anxieties. Will I fit in to any of my old work clothes? Will my clothes be stylish? Will I get along with my colleagues? Will I be the fattest person in the room? All day long. Every day. All week. I hate this question. But I know it's a question I'll always ask myself. I have my confident days. I know I have a pretty face. Believe me, I've heard that one a million times. As many overweight women have. I like my hair. I dress well. I'm smart and get along with people. But starting a new job is hard. So I'm excited, but I'm nervous.

The good news is, the position is about 4 miles away from my house and I plan to ride my bike once in a while. Hopefully even a lot. I'll save money and I'll burn some calories at the same time. I am concerned about getting all beautified before work and then putting on my helmet and getting all sweaty and gross before I even get to the office. How do people who ride to work deal with that issue? Do they take their work clothes in a bag and change at the office? I need to find someone who does this so I can figure it all out. At this point I'll probably drive the first couple of days or maybe even weeks until I'm sure of the culture around the office, etc...

As far as eating habits go, hopefully I'll be surrounded by colleagues who make healthy choices. I plan to bring my lunch most days of the week, but I'm easily influenced by candy dishes lurking on desks and things of that nature. But, they say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so if I start out eating well hopefully it will just become routine.

Now I have one more week of freedom before I'm hitting it hard from 8:30-5:30 or longer. I'm going to ride my bike every day. I'm even going to do a test run to the new office. I'm going to go out to dinner to celebrate my new position. I'm going to spend a lot of time with the dogger. And I'm going to enjoy being me.

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