Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Frozen Meal Hell

I am in frozen meal hell right now. You may or may not know that I can't cook. I mean seriously. I suck at it. I make due though, usually with sandwiches or pasta, things that are easy and quick.

I realize though, that I need to get on the ball and just figure it out. Out of six meals in the past two days, I've had three frozen meals. Now these are great for portion control. They help me stick to my points and even help me get in my vegetables. But they have a ridiculous amount of sodium and icky preservatives. So I need to chill with the frozen meals. But what am I going to eat?

Here's a typical day in the life of Jeni (and on plan day anyway):

Breakfast: All Bran Bar, Yogurt w/ Fiber One, or Cereal
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich, Pita and Hummus, or Frozen Meal (usually with carrots or some sort of fruit)
Snack: Granola Bar (usually before a bike ride)
Dinner: Frozen Meal, Spaghetti, Soup and Salad, something else easy

Looking at it now, it certainly doesn't look that great. And that's supposed to be a healthy day. Crikey. I try to throw in veggies whenever I can. I don't eat much meat, mostly just turkey, chicken, sometimes tuna and other fish. I'm going to thaw out some turkey meat for tomorrow and try to make some chili or something. I suppose that will have a lot of sodium too. But at least it'll be fresh. I am an adult. I can cook dinner. I just need a little guidance sometimes. Anyone have any thoughts?

On the exercise front, my obliques are seriously sore from yoga. I had an awesome bike ride tonight, although my tire is having issues and I need to figure that out. It's the middle of the week and I feel good.

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Rainbowray said...

I would suggest creating more meals from the produce section.