Wednesday, August 17, 2005


So yesterday I was all gung ho about The Firm, which I hadn't done in a while even though I had said I was going to do it twice a week. Typical. But I did it yesterday, which is what counts. And I am so effing sore it is unbelievable. That "I have to lower myself down on the toilet like I'm pregnant because my legs hurt so bad" type of sore. You know, the kind where it hurts to dry your hair because you don't want to hold your arms up for so long. The kind where... well you get the idea. I'll quit complaining. But ow.

So this morning I decided to do a sort of recovery ride type of thing just to clear out my muscles a little and help with the soreness. I think it was probably a good decision because I'm feeling a little better. But I was SO slow. Probably the slowest I've been since I got my bike about 6 weeks ago. I only rode 10 miles, but at least I got out there. It's better than nothing. In fact it's pretty damn good if I think about where I've come from.

Last night went well as far as the fourth night in a row having dinner out. I had the halibut and asparagus, no dessert, and only one tiny slice of bread. It's nights like that where I know I can make good decisions when I'm out in social situations. But unfortunately those nights are fairly rare right now. I'm working on it though. We'll see how this weekend goes.

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