Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Rawr! I'm feeling especially fabulous today for no apparent reason. I'm starving (2 days and counting until the monthly visitor) but that hasn't really stopped me from feeling great. I credit it all to The Firm. I did Complete Body Sculpting this morning and my legs are all wobbly and tired but I just feel like such a strong woman. Just like Keryn, who has reminded herself that she is an athlete. Go Keryn! Well I'm an athlete too damn it! I feel good.

No bike today, but that's okay because I did the Firm workout and my ass needs a break from the bike every once in a while. I may have a lot of padding there, but too much time in the saddle and I'm definitely feeling it. I think I need to obtain some of that Chamois Butter I've been reading about.

So tonight will mark the 4th night in a row that I've had dinner out at a restaurant, and this is not even by choice people. It's the boy's brother's b-day (if that makes sense) so we're going to fancy Elway's. Yes folks, this is the famous quarterback John Elway's steakhouse. It's actually pretty yummy, and I plan to get some sort of fish, but it's a little expensive. Oh well, it's a celebration. I've heard they even have some sort of retro Ding Dong dessert, but you can bet I'll be avoiding that. I don't need no stinkin' Ding Dong. See ya on the flip!

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